Thursday, April 5, 2012

Unplugged and Talking to Myself Again

Self:  Hey, where are you?

Me: I thought you heard.

Self: About purple being the new color mixed with hints of orange splotches mixed in tweed. Yeah, dreadful.  It's bad news all around.

Me: It's spring break.

Self: Spring break? Yay! Why didn't you tell me? Now I can go find myself some awesome tweed pants! What about you? Do you have any fabulousess plans.

Me: Yup. I'm spending the break at the dentist's office.

Self: I said fabulous.

Me: said fabulousess, which isn't even a word. *smirk* And no. No fun plans. Just lots of drilling.

Self: Okay.*sneaking out back door*  Good luck with that.I hope you have a great time with all that cleaning and drilling and tooth pulling...and stuff. *running away quickly*

Me: Yup. So, so fun.

I'm unplugged this week! Spending time at the dentists. (I'm such a wild one.) Have a great week everyone! And tell me what your plans are for Spring Break! Anything fun?


Sara B. Larson said...

ugh, not fun, sorry! We're just kicking it here at home. Not too exciting.

L.T. Elliot said...

Self is funny! ;) Sorry for the dentist. Definitely not a fun way to spend spring break...but teeth wait on no man.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Not a fun place to be. But enjoy your break anyway!!!

Elana Johnson said...

Have a great spring break. May you find moments where you are dentist-free.

Angie said...

Yuck. Good luck with the dental work! We are headed to Vegas for a few days. Then I plan to have fun here at home!

Mary E Campbell said...

Oh no - so sorry you have to get drilled. I have to say though that I find the dentist sort of relaxing. At my dentist's office you just lie back and watch a movie while people work on you and thanks to the great numbing techniques - I feel no pain. It's interesting. Hope it's not a bad experience for you and that you are able to still enjoy some of spring break.

Al said...

I was away on a holiday out west taking piccies. Does that count?

Patti said...

I was away last week, but I'm back now and this week I have to go to the dentist. Hope you were able to enjoy your other days off.

Kate Coursey said...

Hahahaha. Have fun at the dentist....I absolutely hate the dentist, because I hate foreign tastes. My spring break was a few weeks back, but I did almost nothing but watch reality TV. Awful, I know.

MTeacress said...

I'm sorry you have to get dental work done. Blah.