Who is this Carolyn?

By night, Carolyn Vawdrey is a superhero of dirty laundry everywhere (mainly in her basement). When she is not fighting dirty socks and smelly undies, she is writing novels and thinking about chocolate candy bars. 

Carolyn writes YA fiction-because, let's face it, she never really grew up. She has three short stories published, a play that was performed on a local level and hopes to break into the national market with her novels. 

Carolyn is a graduate of Brigham Young University. Unfortunately, her degree has little to do with writing, but she can analyze all her characters and figure out where they went wrong. Maybe nag them into submission.

L.T. Elliot & Carolyn V.
This is me with my besty L.T. Elliot (amazing writer) having dinner at a writer's conference. So much fun!