Friday, January 4, 2019

No, I get it

I do. I really do. I understand. I have a problem.

I mak speelin misstacks.

(Did you understand that?)

My downfall is that, from time to time, I misspell a few words.  For example (watch out, here comes a long story).

The last conference I attended, I had tried to get in a specialized class with an up and coming agent (he's a big name now).  I was disheartened to learn that I didn't make the list of class members but would be put on a waiting list if a position opened up.

I was WAY down the list. So I figured there was no way I was getting in. So I didn't prepare anything to take with me.

I was so wrong!

The night before I was supposed to go to the conference, I received an email stating that I was admitted into the class and had about thirty to sixty minutes to submit my query letter to the agent.


I was SO unprepared. But I skimmed through my query and sent it anyway. I didn't want to pass up on an opportunity to learn from this agent.

The next afternoon, I sat in a small, frigid room with a handful of other writers. My teeth chattered as we went through each person's query one by one. Soon it was my turn to be put over the burning, hot coals (truthfully, I wish it were hot in that classroom. I was so cold my nose turned blue).

Needless to say, I was humiliated. I had at least two or three spelling mistakes and was frowned upon by the agent. I wanted to tell him that I had only thirty minutes to prepare and turn in the query he had just read in front of my peers. But the fault wasn't his. It was mine. I should have been more prepared. But that's not the moral of the story. Nope.

The moral is:

All writers have flaws. All of them. And we can make them our strengths.

It's true. Mine is spelling (thank goodness for spell check and Grammarly -not sponsored, but they are so cool šŸ˜‰).

Some writers have issues with voice. Others setting. Sometimes plot structure. The trick is to find out what your weaknesses are and start to improve them.

How? Read well-written books, learn from other writers, listen to your readers, etc...etc.

I used to make a list of issues I had in my writing (that my awesome crit group would tell me about) and take that time to improve those areas. If you really want to write, it's well worth the time.

So remember everyone makes mistakes. That is how we learn. As long as you are searching for ways to improve your writing and move forward. (You can do it!)

And by all means, reread your query before pressing that send button!!!! I beg you!

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