Saturday, March 1, 2014

You're a Bully...just saying

bullying photo: No Bullying anti_bullying.gifRant: beware!

We found out this week that my little guy was being bullied on the way home from school. Not cool!

Thankfully, we found out that the boys who were doing it, will not be around in that area to do it anymore. *whew* But the problem is that my son didn't even tell me about it until the end. It made me so sad. (He has a disability and didn't realize it was as bad as it was. It wasn't until he got hurt that it became apparent to him.)

We live in a time when people are bullied. Not just kids. I read a few weeks ago about people getting bullied at work. By ADULTS. I could not believe it! Did we forget to grow up or something?

And then something happened to us. A text was misconstrued by someone (we offered to help them with babysitting and they must have thought that we thought they were terrible parents. I don't understand it myself.)

Anywho, this person decided to retaliate and posted something on facebook about us. We were very disheartened and surprised that they acted so irrationally and defensively. We were honestly just trying to help out. (Remind me not to offer to babysitting to people unless they approach me first.)

Okay, so what does this have to do with writing? I'll tell you...

This week there was controversy about a very popular writer and how she should stop writing. Huh? (I'm sure if you are in the writing community, you've heard about it). But it wasn't the popular person I was worried about (let's face it, she's awesome and will keep writing...and did I mention, she's awesome?)

But what about the woman who posted the bullying words? I couldn't help wonder if she was being bullied herself for what she said. I am almost sure she was. Although I DO NOT agree with her opinion (because did I mention the popular writer is AWESOME? She really is and my daughter just finished reading her books...and cried...Proud mom here.)

But can I just say...I'm tired of the bullying. It needs to stop. And for one, I'm going to stop it here in my home. I'm going to talk to my kids about it. I'm going to take things a little bit slower when I get an electronic message if I don't understand it, AND I'm going to eat some chocolate!


Rant over!


L.T. Elliot said...

You're right--bullying in all its forms and among all ages is getting OUT OF CONTROL. I think there might be some connection to the way we communicate through technology because--for some people--it's easier to be ruthless when you don't have to look a person in the eye while you're doing it.

As for the J.K. controversy, that woman committed career suicide. And yes, I'm sure she's getting bullied for her words now. And loathe as I am to say it: Karma, people. Karma.

Thank heavens your son isn't going to be bullied by those kids anymore. I would have had to kill some people and that doesn't look good on a resume.

Anonymous said...

The bullying is everywhere and it's just stupid behavior, either from insecure people or people who have a pack mentality and want to gang up on someone. My day job from hell years ago had plenty of bullies. These were grown women acting like they were back in high school. They irritated and hurt me, but in hindsight I see how pathetic and miserable they were and they just wanted to make others feel like that too. For years I've been avoiding them, talking back to them, and not feeding their idiocy.

Vicki Rocho said...

I don't know what's happened to our society. People are SO quick to criticize these days, and the public tide can turn against you FAST.

What I don't get is the athletes that blow a big play that get death threats from disgruntled fans - or parents who post a picture of their kid with a sign saying what their offense was being lambasted by the public for abusive parenting. (DEEP BREATH)

Okay...stepping off my soapbox now. Really, though. Can't we all show just a little more compassion towards each other?

Patti said...

Being the parent of a child who was bullied so bad in middle school that we had to switch schools, I can totally relate to your post. I honestly don't understand why people do it.