Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Must Write!

Must keep writing...

Feeling hungry (run to fridge).

Must keep writing...

I need to check facebook just once more.

Must keep writing...

Aw look, gotta text from the kids. Look on pinterest? Why not.

Must keep writing...

If I can just do one batch of laundry, than I'll feel like I'm getting something in the house clean.

Must keep writing...

What? It's midnight? *sigh* 

I really need some butt glue.

This had been my week (even with my swollen ankle). I have a deadline *squee* and I'm scurrying though my book, trying to clean it up, rewrite things, and yes...finish my dreaded query.

So if I my post is short today, you'll know that I'm keeping up with the writing! OH, and I totally missed posting on Saturday. I was trying to get ready to write.

Have a great week everyone. :D

Saturday, March 8, 2014

When Plans Change

ninjas photo: ninjas ninjas.jpgLet's face it. Plans change.
It's sadly...sadly true.
For instance; I have been running for some time now, and I had made a goal to run 3.5 miles at least four times a week. I achieved my goal in February!

Woohoo! *running power*

By the end of February, I was at 4.8 miles four to five times a week. (I know! Awesome!)  And I was feeling pretty good about it.

And then it happened... walking on flat pavement... on a clear dark night... (Oh the gravity of the situation.)

I rolled my ankle.

It didn't even happen in a cool way, like:

"I was attacked by super ninja warriors and as I leaped to kick the last standing ninja (in the face), I twisted my ankle."

or "I was almost to Mordor, about to throw the ring in the volcano, when Gollum attacked me from behind - grabbing my ankle and twisting it until it cracked."

Nope, just a dumb-old "I was walking in the garage and my ankle gave out under me." *sigh*

Now I'm off my ankle for four to six weeks until it heals (yes, I already tried to push myself and re-injured said ankle).
Plans also change when it comes to writing.

When I started writing, I thought I would be published in two years. *ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha* (Sorry, I can't stop laughing.)

My plans changed.

I thought at my first pitch session, I'd have an agent. (Oh, now I'm crying from laughter.)

My plans changed.

But one thing remains the same:

So I am still going to find agents, still working on craft, and still handing my babies over to my crit group. Even though things change, they can still be achieved.

Okay, now I'm off to dust off my weights and find some good routines that will keep me off my ankle. ;)

How have your plans changed? How did you keep going?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

You're a Bully...just saying

bullying photo: No Bullying anti_bullying.gifRant: beware!

We found out this week that my little guy was being bullied on the way home from school. Not cool!

Thankfully, we found out that the boys who were doing it, will not be around in that area to do it anymore. *whew* But the problem is that my son didn't even tell me about it until the end. It made me so sad. (He has a disability and didn't realize it was as bad as it was. It wasn't until he got hurt that it became apparent to him.)

We live in a time when people are bullied. Not just kids. I read a few weeks ago about people getting bullied at work. By ADULTS. I could not believe it! Did we forget to grow up or something?

And then something happened to us. A text was misconstrued by someone (we offered to help them with babysitting and they must have thought that we thought they were terrible parents. I don't understand it myself.)

Anywho, this person decided to retaliate and posted something on facebook about us. We were very disheartened and surprised that they acted so irrationally and defensively. We were honestly just trying to help out. (Remind me not to offer to babysitting to people unless they approach me first.)

Okay, so what does this have to do with writing? I'll tell you...

This week there was controversy about a very popular writer and how she should stop writing. Huh? (I'm sure if you are in the writing community, you've heard about it). But it wasn't the popular person I was worried about (let's face it, she's awesome and will keep writing...and did I mention, she's awesome?)

But what about the woman who posted the bullying words? I couldn't help wonder if she was being bullied herself for what she said. I am almost sure she was. Although I DO NOT agree with her opinion (because did I mention the popular writer is AWESOME? She really is and my daughter just finished reading her books...and cried...Proud mom here.)

But can I just say...I'm tired of the bullying. It needs to stop. And for one, I'm going to stop it here in my home. I'm going to talk to my kids about it. I'm going to take things a little bit slower when I get an electronic message if I don't understand it, AND I'm going to eat some chocolate!


Rant over!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Writing Conferences

If you haven't been to a writer's conference. I highly recommend it. I spent last week at LTUE and learned a ton (not just from the panels, but from watching the other authors...we'll talk more about that next week).

Here's some positives from going to a conference:

1. You learn the craft (do you remember when you were a kid and your mom wanted you to learn how to embroider or sew a button on a shirt...it's nothing like that). The craft of writing includes: plot, voice, tension, world building; things that will make your book/story better.

2. You get to meet cool people. I have a group of writer friends that I get to see at most conferences, but sometimes you get to meet other writers who are considered the superstars of writing.  Like:
Orson Scott Card
Brandon Sanderson

(I am not confirming or denying any accusations that I am stalking any of these writers)

3. If you're lucky, you can meet and pitch to agents and editors. This year I will be meeting with an agent. It's nice to be able to meet face to face with an agent/editor to discuss your book. This means you can surpass the slush pile. But please do your homework. Doing a pitch can make or break your chance with that agent. 

4. Some conferences allowed one to work with professional writers in workshops. If you have the chance at a conference...DO IT! I've worked with a number of authors and have gleaned new information from each one. (They are so brilliant!)

Those are a few things that you can gain from going to a conference (not to mention eating out for every meal which means...no cooking...yes!) 

If you have been to a conference, what have you learned? (Don't forget the online conferences...WriteOnCon is excellent.)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Get Back on That Horse!

I've been gone... for a long time. 

But here I am again, getting back to writing and yes...even blogging. 

Look at those dinosaur prints!
Where have I been? Well...
On the Beach
My fav writing buddies 

I've been going to see the world, spending my oldest son on an LDS mission (click the button on the right to find out more about the LDS church if you're curious), hanging out with my kiddos and even spending time with my favorite writing buddies. And you know what I've learned? 

I can't do everything (it's true, ask my kids about their dirty socks that need to be washed. So gross). 

So I let some things be put on the back burner. I prioritized some of the things I want in my life and what I learned is this:

1, I feel better when my house is clean. I'm just saying...I can actually find the toothpaste and the keys (and the keys aren't mixed up with the toothpaste and the toothpaste isn't mixed up with the keys, and...well, you get it). 

2. I like writing. (Okay, that was no big surprise, but there it is.)

3. Life is busy and I need to make time for the dreams in my life (yes...that does include making hot fudge topping and then eating by the spoonful - don't judge).

So I'm back. I hope to find all of my awesome blogging friends in the next few weeks (because I can't find a few of you and you aren't mixed up with my toothpaste and keys...)

What are some things that you have had to prioritize in your life?