Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy 13th Lenny Lee!!!!      
It's Lenny Lee's 13th Birthday!!! 

And it's official. He is a teenager!!! Woohoo!

 For his birthday, a few of us are listing the top ten things we have learned about Lenny. There are so many more than just ten, but here are mine: 

1. Positive Attitude. Lenny is always happy and positive, no matter what!

2. Kind words. I have never known Lenny to say anything mean about ANYONE! (Trust me, I have had many a time when unkind words were spewing out my mouth.)

3. Lenny makes me laugh. It's a rare gift to make others laugh (I mean really laugh, not that fake kind of stuff, but laughter from the heart. He has it. ).

4. Lenny never gives up. You can tell. I've had many ups and downs and can feel disappointed or discouraged (like we all can), but Lenny never lets that stop him. He is a trouper and always keeps on going.

5. A good friend. I am always impressed when Lenny posts about a friend who needs help, has good news or who is having troubles. He really looks out for those around him. (Check out his sidebar, he is always listing his friends new books and all the cool things going on. Amazing!)

6. Cool. Lenny is just cool. He likes a lot of the same things I do (comics, cards, cuddly animals ....writing). That just makes him cool. Someday, I hope to be cool too. I'm just saying.

7. Speaks from the heart. I have a hard time doing this. I'm always guarded with what I say and who I say it too. Lenny is always free to speak things that I admire (I won't go into details, but he has a touching letter up on his blog, and I cry every time I read it). I need to take a lesson from Lenny and be more like him in that way.

8. Lenny is smart. He does his homework. I learn something new every time I visit his blog.  Someday, I hope to be as smart as he is!

9. Lenny is a writer. He knows his craft. Most adults don't understand what the writing craft is (or means), but as you look at Lenny's blog, you can tell, he knows. He's a real writer. He is a hard worker.

10. A lasting impact. Everybody wants to leave some kind of impact on people. Lenny has touched our hearts and given us more than I think he knows. He is an amazing kid.