Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stories Don't just Stop with You

Love you AlphaSmart (thanks PhotoBucket)

I have this awesome device called and AlphaSmart Dana

See it right there? I love it!

I use it when my kids are on my computer, when I have to carpool and am stuck in the car for an hour, and when my lappy isn’t working (my charger broke down and am without it for a week! A week! Ack!)

Well, the best thing happened today when I hit that power button on my AlphaSmart. I found a story, I hadn’t written. My son had.

The best feeling is seeing your children grasp on to something you hold close to your heart. When I saw his story, I couldn’t help my heart feeling full (and the smile wouldn’t wipe off my face for hours).

What about you? Have you had any unexpected surprises happen from doing the things that you love?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Going...through... withdrawals...

My lappy isn't working!

The battery charger is dead, and now I have to share my writing time on the family computer (and let's just say that the boys got a new online game...thus my withdrawals).

I miss you lappy, I miss you so much. *wiping tear from eye*

I'm trying really heard not to pull out my hair, but if you see a patch know why.

So, while I am waiting. What'cha up to? Querying? Revising? Drafting? Just hanging around?
And be honest, what do you do when you don't have your compy to write on? Write by hand, write on an Alphasmart, or wait (like me, with balding spots on your head)?

Have a great week everyone. I hope to stop by as many blogs this week, but you lappy. *sigh*

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sorry. I'm out of the writing office this week.


Need I say more?

Keep on writing everyone! See you next week when my nose doesn't need anymore tissue!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Have you Hear this Song?

Can you believe they took this in only one shot! Wow. 

(If you read this last week, sorry. Blogger posted it early for me. Gotta love that automatic time and date thing --especially when you make a mistake. *blushes*)

This is how I feel about writing.

Lately my radio station has been playing this song every morning when I'm stuffing dishes into the dishwasher. Every time I hear it, I feel the desire to sit down and write.

A few weeks ago a friend and I were talking about being writers.

We both agreed that if you are going to be a writer, you have to love it.

Most writers don't make a ton of money. Writers spend hour after hour alone with their characters instead of working side by side with co-workers (talking about the latest event that happened last night on the TV - unless they are talking to their mc's).  Writers re-read/re-write their words about a million times, analyzing each sentence to make sure they are golden; this is a tedious job.

So why am I a writer?

Is it because of the desire inside? Because I know if I quit, I would regret it. Because there's a "burning in my heart" to get the words out?

Um...yes. That's it. That's why I'm a writer.

Why are you a writer?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You've got Talent, Baby!

Sometimes you can see if from across a crowded room.

Some people just ooze with it.

Some people don't even know they have it!

It's talent. Yes, talent.

Talent can be something that comes naturally. Other times, it's worked for.  But no matter how it comes, when it does, it's amazing!

Take for instance:
Love Florence and The Machine!

Sometimes it's hidden in small acts that only a few can share:

That is so cool

The nice thing is, we all have talent. There - the secret's out. Everyone of us has a talent of some kind (sewing, acting, being kind, cleaning cars...Talent!)

So don't give up and just believe!

Okay, so share with me your other hidden talents (besides writing). For instance, I can fold a load of clothes in four minutes flat. (That's a talent I treasure.) ;)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's that time again!

Storymakers. Da da da.

L.T. and Me (I don't know who that leaning girl is. Hey, who are you girl?) 

Yup. It's conference time again. Plans are begin made, m-n-m's are being bought. Woohoo! It will be a great week.

If you are a writer and you haven't been to a conference, I will say it again.


Any reputable conference will work. Online, a few states away, whatever.


Because when you attend a conference, you not only are saying to yourself that, "Hey, I really am a writer," but you also learn more about the craft of writing. And writing well is a good thing. ;)

Plus rubbing shoulders with amazing writers/editors/agents is pretty cool too.

So tell me, what is the best piece of writing advice that you have gleaned (from a conference or not).  Mine, keep going (and you can do hard things). Best advice I could give myself. Have a great week everyone!