Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank you! =D

First I want to thank everyone for their comments last week. And I'm glad to see that most of us agree on the subject. Thanks everyone!

Second. I'm almost done with my revisions/edits/hair pulling and I'm so excited! Soon I will be on the query wagon. I'll let you all know how that goes.

Third, I want your opinions about what you think about social media. What do you like best, what is the hardest, and how long do you spend on them?

Okay, I know this is short for this week, but I'm off to finish. What are you guys up to this week? Drafting/revisions/edits? How's your writing?


Indigo said...

Sending a ton of good vibes for the query process.

Social Media is so hard for me. I'm an introvert by nature and get all kinds of awkward trying to carry on a conversation. I'm trying to make a genuine effort to answer comments on my blog, is to get used to interacting with readers.

Twitter, I make the occasional appearance. Facebook? I fell out of love with that some time ago. I imagine when I get published I'll set up an author page. Otherwise it's not really something I enjoy. (Hugs)Indigo

L.T. Elliot said...

Very happy for you! You're so close!

I'm kind of a fan of Facebook. It's easy to get in, get out, get on with life. Plus, the commenting feature is easy and finding everyone's conversations is user-friendly. That's were twitter trips me up. There is that little side-click button that lets you see part of a back-and-forth but it doesn't always encompass it all and I hate scrolling through 15,000 tweets just to figure out who is saying what. Yeah, I'm lazy like that.

Maybe someday I'll like twitter better. We'll see.

As for blogging, I'm not using blogging as a social media anymore. I use it to connect with people I care about. I blog for myself and for the real that I want to be. And I'm okay if that isn't popular or even readable for some people. Once I accepted that about my blog, I liked it better.

In the end, I think it all comes down to what you can do and what you can't do--and being honest with yourself on both counts.

Al said...


Still trying to split my WIP into two

KarenG said...

I must have missed your post last week, and now I'm curious. As for social media, it's one of those things I'm constant reevaluating. I've cut my time on it down quite a bit.

February Grace said...

Sorry I missed your post last week, my brother was in ICU and after he got out I was taking care of him for a few days.

My writing is...thankfully productive lately! Lots of flash and poetry- and I am getting ready to dive back into my manuscript (polishing/editing/smoothing out bumps) and I can't wait. I just have to get a few small things sent out here and there first (sub deadlines, something I can't believe I'm actually paying attention to these days LOL) and then, it's all about Doctor Godspeed...

The blog looks gorgeous, btw! Love the green at the top. Lovely.


David P. King said...

I spend way too much time on social media. Need to cut back. Not sure what a good ratio would be, but I do love being busy.

Good work on your MS. Rock the industry with your query! :)

Jen Daiker said...

Good Luck in Query Land! Tough waters out there but I know you can do it!

I'm exhausted. House buying, adoption, editing, blogging... How does one fit it all in?

Susan Fields said...

Today I'm working on the query letter for my wip. I'm a long way off from needing it, but I think it will help me stay focused on the main gist of my story if I work through the query early on.

ali cross said...

Congratulations Carolyn! I'm excited for you and your nearly-doneness!

I love social media. I don't use all the mediums as well as I could/should, but I love Twitter and Blogger. I have plans to learn (and learn to love!) Google+, Facebook & Goodreads. But I think that'll be all that I do.

This week I'll start a Twitter basics bootcamp on the dojo blog. The first post will be up on Sunday. Maybe you should check it out!

Angie said...

Good luck on the query wagon! I love social media. Probably too much. I think you have to just decide what works best for you.

Annalisa said...

I love Facebook and Goodreads (Twitter seems a little narcissistic to me), but my opinion changes for authors. I've seen more damage than good done by writers trying to interact with readers and sticking their foot in their mouths again and again. If I ever get published, I'll probably skim down my Internet presence, which won't be hard for me as a introvert.

Jolene Perry said...

I do all the social stuff inbetween the other stuff.
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by it, but most of the time I get back more than I put in.

Elliot Grace said... opinion on the social media buzz? I may in fact be the last person on the planet who is not a member of Facebook, (and my son manages to poke fun at me on a daily basis ;)

You're a writer on a roll...keep it up!


Patti said...

Good luck on the edits. It's so exciting to be done (for now anyway).

As for social media. I blog and use facebook once in a while. I don't get twitter and find it extremely annoying, maybe it's because I don't have a smart phone and can use twitter when I'm not at home.

But I'll look for Ali's blogs on how to use it better and see if I change my mind.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

yay! Go, Caroline! I think social media is a wonderful tool if we don't let it consume us. :-)

Shelley Sly said...

Good luck with editing and querying! :)

I blog and tweet. I have a Google+ profile, but I hardly ever use it. Tweeting is good because it's short and simple. Honestly, I wouldn't use Twitter if I didn't already have a blog, though. It helps me stay connected with blog friends.

Jennifer Shirk said...

You're in the homestretch!! That's great!

Social Media is funny for me. Depends on my mood. I'm loving Facebook right now. I pop on Twitter and try to stay on it, but I get boed because it's not really chatter just people recommending blogs to read. It's too much.

J.R. Johansson said...

I'm so excited for you! Yay! :)

Social Media is sometimes a blast, and sometimes the bane of my existence...ask my tomorrow? ;-)

Kate Coursey said...

I'm sending positive energy your way! Querying is rough, but we just have to keep trying!

I sent off my final revisions to my agent last week, so now I get to start drafting! I'm so excited....first drafts are the best :).

Susan Fields said...

I'm working on my new wip. I have an extremely rough draft, so I'll be going through and making some plot changes before I start polishing.

I don't have time for much social media besides my blog. I check Facebook and Twitter everyday, but I rarely do more than take a quick look to see what's going on.

GOod luck with finishing your revisions!