Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I'm a little bit of a slacker this week.

I'm working on the query: TRANSLATE...I'm pulling out my hair and eating too much chocolate (so I'm slacking on my blogging).

I knew queries were hard, but getting my whole book into one paragraph is more tricky than I thought.

I'm also agent shopping (wish it were that easy). I have two that I have in mind (that I really, really, really want). So I'm on query tracker doing my research.  I figure it will take me over a month to get a good list.

I've always believed that you need to be able to work well with an agent. And you want one who loves your work.

So those of you who have agents, what do you love best about your agent? Did you do your homework to get that agent? Those of you who don't have agents, what are your plans to get an agent. And those of you published without an agent, how do you feel about that? Is there more freedom?

I'd love your opinions. ;)

Okay, I have to throw some dishes in the dishwasher and do some more hair pulling.  Have a great week everyone!


J. A. Bennett said...

I'm going to try and go the agent-less route first by querying a few small publishers. But ultimately I want to work with people who support me and believe in my work. I'm not going to get an agent just becasue they picked me. Good things are worth the wait!

Patti said...

I'm not sure about the agent thing anymore. I'm beginning to second guess my original plans and starting to think more outside the box.

L.T. Elliot said...

Good luck with querying! I'm sure you'll find an agent you'll be happy with!

David P. King said...

Sounds like you're taking all the right steps. Queries are tricky, but so is writing a book. I'm sure you'll come up with a winner (and there's always the chance that the Query Doc will visit my blog again). :)

Shelley Sly said...

Best of luck with querying, Carolyn!

I'm currently querying, and it's a tough process. I have a spreadsheet of about 80 agents and I'm sending them out in batches of 3 or 4 at a time. I'm also considering submitting to small presses, though. Ultimately, I'm not looking for fame or money; I just want my books to be read.

Angie said...

Personally, from listening to my agented friends, even when they are speaking positively about the experience, I'm pretty sure having an agent would not work for me. I wish you the best of luck, though! Keep working on that query! You can do it!

KarenG said...

I'm with a small press and love it. If I weren't with WiDo, I'd find another small press that's a good fit for me. Or I might consider going the indie route too, although I like the security of having a publisher behind me. I've never been tempted to try for an agent. Just doesn't sound like the right path for me.

ali cross said...

I wish you tons of happy luck Carolyn!

Jolene Perry said...

I met my agent on twitter.

I ADORE her - I need an enthusiastic, but laidback cheerleader, and that's what I have.

I'm all for having an agent, no matter the size of the pub-house. I really could have used her help with my first contract.

Kate Coursey said...

What I love best about my agent is that he loves my work. He believes in me, no matter what, and he believes an editor is going to love my book. He is always prompt and attentive to my needs. I think it's impossible to know which agent you'll work well with until you've spoken to them in person and they've read your manuscript. For that reason, I queried very widely.

Annalisa said...

Oh, right. Queries. Grrr. I was supposed to work on that this week. It's still this week, right? :)

My favorite source for checking out agents: The girl does her homework. Check out her blog.

Elliot Grace said... this day I still believe that writing a query is the most difficult paragraph to pen. You are truly not alone in your struggles!


Al said...

I gave up on getting an agent.
Self publishing is a whole different kind of masochism

Jennifer Shirk said...

I still haven't decided what to do on the agent front. I keep thinking I might want to change genres so it's been holding me back.

Melanie Jacobson said...

I like my agent a lot. But I did as much research as I could and what I like the most is that she has a strong editorial background. That's important to me. She's also made a lot of really good deals over the last 18 months and THAT'S important too!

Jen Daiker said...

I am still on the journey to becoming agented, however I still need to find the right story. The one that I feel most connected to so that I'm able to have an agent connect to it.

I did go the e-published route to get a taste of editors and publishers and I have to say it was a great learning curve. You learn about yourself and the process.

I have a few friends who are agented and also self-publish. In this writing world I've learned that agents are more open to you going through smaller houses when they believe in your book and want the world to know about it.

The big six don't seem to be the top dogs anymore... however that doesn't mean we don't strive for a goal until the moment feels right!

Keep on querying, kid! You can do it!