Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm a Beta-Yogurt Maker!

It's true! I totally made my own yogurt yesterday. Got the milk, added the start. Voila...yogurt!!! I'm a yogurt maker!

Sorry, I just thought that was so cool. Now on to writing.

Last weekend I attended Storymakers with about 499 other awesome writers/agents/editors. It was amazing!

The pitch went FABULOUS (btw, thanks for all your comments last week. Helped me a ton). The agent was awesome. I was very impressed (I almost begged for her to come home with me, but then she'd be stuck making yogurt and eating green smoothies. I don't know if she'd like that very much.)

Elena J. taught us what to do and what not to do on blogger. (Can I just say that she is incredible. Best conference teacher ever!)

But what I really wanted to talk about was Beta readers (or Alpha, whatever you want to use). Those people who look at the whole ms and tell you where you went wrong, if it's entertaining, or if they wanted to throw the book across the room (or how brilliant you are).

Once you have your ms done and polished the best you think it can be, send it to your betas.

Right now I have four of them, two adult writers and two awesomely-cool teens (because that's who I write for).

Then you wait.

Once you get their opinions back, you can correct your ms, make it a little more shiny and polished.

I highly recommend it. (But the waiting is a killer.) Okay, I must get back to work (waiting)...*whipcrack*

Do you you use Betas? If so who do you use? If not...why not?


Summer Ross said...

I don't have any right now, I use a critique group which takes a while for stories to get in, then its only there for a week, then out of the box.
The only reason I don't have any partners is because I haven't found one or two yet.

Kristina P. said...

I don't even know what Beta is!

David Powers King said...

Now I want Yogurt.

Thank you for sharing your experience at the conference. Wish I could have gone this year.

Indigo said...

I'm huge on smoothies during the summer. I have however, yet to make my own yogurt.

I agree on the Beta's I'm going that route hopefully this summer. By Fall I'll know where I stand. (Hugs)Indigo

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yogurt = yummy. I have a couple of beta readers, and you're right--waiting is the hardest. :-)

Sara B. Larson said...

Congrats on the yogurt! And the pitch session. :)

I do use Beta readers, they help me get perspective.

Anonymous said...

Awesome to hear the conference and pitch went so well. WTG! I do have readers that will critique my short stories but would love to have regular beta (alpha) readers in the future. And be one myself.

elenajube said...

Green smoothies and homemade yogurt rock! We eat green smoothies about every other day and my daughter qualified for the state track meet in the two-mile under pbj and green smoothie power.

I love my betas, too.

Heidi said...

You rock!

Shari said...

My sister has made yogurt. It was actually quite yummy. That is also something I will never do. So, good for you.

Betas are definitely a good thing.

Elliot Grace said...

...I used multiple Betas throughout the writing of my recent release. A self-proclaimed bookworm, and a retired editor, who I might add, clashed with my actual editor on nearly every point of interest. And there I sat, at the back of the room, laughing the entire time:)

Great post, Carolyn. Loved the yogurt bit;)


Jennifer Shirk said...

I'm so glad the pitch went well! (and the yogurt) LOL I've always wanted an ice cream maker. Maybe someday.

I do use a beta reads. I ask my closest critique partners--the ones who really get me and my writing. I really only need one beta read though.

Jolene Perry said...

My readers are the BEST! But once in a while, I need to find fresh eyes - someone I trust but who doesn't know me as well. They'll usually pick stuff out that I'd never see.

Conference was AWESOME!
I'm bummed I didn't see more of you, though! BUT I do get to Utah sometimes, so we'll get a chance to hang out and catch up, or catch on... or... something :D