Thursday, May 26, 2011

You're so Tweet

I've been on Twitter now for...I don't know... maybe a year?

And I still don't know what I'm doing on that thing.

I finally figured out the #hagtags.

But really, that's about it. So, I'm turning to WikiHow to help me out (

Oh smart you are!

Maybe in a few weeks, you'll see me twittering around (or writing funny things that make no sense - did you hear about the kid that borrowed his friends twitter page to look up a girl and kept typing her name in the "what's happening" box? lol. Poor guy).

So here's to tweeting. I hope I eventually figure it out. Oh! And tell me, what do you like better? Blogging, fbing, or twitter-ing? So far it's a tie with my crit group.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm a Beta-Yogurt Maker!

It's true! I totally made my own yogurt yesterday. Got the milk, added the start. Voila...yogurt!!! I'm a yogurt maker!

Sorry, I just thought that was so cool. Now on to writing.

Last weekend I attended Storymakers with about 499 other awesome writers/agents/editors. It was amazing!

The pitch went FABULOUS (btw, thanks for all your comments last week. Helped me a ton). The agent was awesome. I was very impressed (I almost begged for her to come home with me, but then she'd be stuck making yogurt and eating green smoothies. I don't know if she'd like that very much.)

Elena J. taught us what to do and what not to do on blogger. (Can I just say that she is incredible. Best conference teacher ever!)

But what I really wanted to talk about was Beta readers (or Alpha, whatever you want to use). Those people who look at the whole ms and tell you where you went wrong, if it's entertaining, or if they wanted to throw the book across the room (or how brilliant you are).

Once you have your ms done and polished the best you think it can be, send it to your betas.

Right now I have four of them, two adult writers and two awesomely-cool teens (because that's who I write for).

Then you wait.

Once you get their opinions back, you can correct your ms, make it a little more shiny and polished.

I highly recommend it. (But the waiting is a killer.) Okay, I must get back to work (waiting)...*whipcrack*

Do you you use Betas? If so who do you use? If not...why not?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Will You Just Get Out of My Head?

Hey, whattcha doing?  *Looking at studying-self*

Shhhh...I'm trying to concentrate. *mumbling*

What? You're acting weird. You keep talking to yourself.

Yeah. I know (a little irritated). I'm getting my pitch ready.

Oh...that's right! You're pitching at your conference this weekend, aren't you?

(Studying-self, trying to ignore playful-self.)

So whattcha taking with you? Chocolate chips? Writing shoes? Spit wads?

I told you that whole spit wad thing was an accident. *sigh*

That's not what the papers said.

Well, it was. *looking back and forth, a little sweat building on forehead* It won't happen again.

Well, good luck on that pitch. It sounds fascinating.

*Going back to ignoring playful-self*

So the next two days I will be at it again...listening to other writers, munching on chips, rolling up spit wads. Yes, I'm off to my second conference this year!  Woohoo! Getting my pitch ready and polished so I don't trip over my words (which only happens like...all the time).

So tell me, what do you guys want to get out of a conference? Me? Making it through this pitch session without forgetting my pitch.