Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess that Character Blogfest

Woo hoo! It’s Guess that Character Blogfest! I’m so excited to be a part of it! Thanks to Jen Daiker for putting this awesome 'fest together. All you have to do is figure out what this character looks like from the description I tell you.

So here’s my description. Can you guess what she looks like?  Good luck guys. =D

What was it about him that made me keep getting into so much trouble? Was it his striking light hair, his incredible sense of time? Maybe I was just a sucker for a multi-pocket vest.

What did it matter? I fell for him and now I was stuck in his world. Now I would have to find my way out. Literally.

But I couldn’t go back the way I came. At least not in these awesome button up shoes. I’d hate to get them dirty. I’d have to find some help to get out of here.

I tried to ask his friends, but they don’t seem to be any help at all. There’s that one friend, who just sits and grins at me. When I ask him for help, he takes off. I can’t find him anywhere. His other friends party way too much. I bet they drink every night. To be honest, I think one of them has gone a little nutty. I mean really, why is he singing about bats? I am so much more sophisticated than that.

But I’m not snotty. I would be glad to ask anyone for help. Even if it’s help from the palace.

So there you have it. She gets into trouble, has button up shoes, sophisticated and keeps running into the wrong people. Wow, I think this is a little too easy.  So what do you think? Can you see what she looks like? Just put your description in the comments and come back tomorrow for the answer! 

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Oh man! There are 49 more! Just take a look, everyone is doing a fab job! Happy Character Fest!

Oh and before I forget, Linda Garner is having an amazing get together for children suffering from child abuse. Please take a look at L.T. Elliot's blog for info and see if you can come. Thanks!


Creepy Query Girl said...

Hmn, it almost sounds like a high class alice in wonderland situation! lol. I'm gonna go with put together looks- smooth blond hair, not too much makeup, pearl earings:)

Mary Campbell said...

Is this one of your characters or is this from a book? If it's from a book it's making me think of Prada and Prejudice - even though I've never read the book.

I think the character has long brown hair and hazel eyes. She's tall and thin.

DL Hammons said...

I see Amanda Seyfried as this character. She can totally pull of the sophisitcation as well as the tendency to get into mischief! :)

Jen said...

Thanks for the shout-out! You shared an awesome piece and I'm sure my picture of her is completely off but I'm still gonna guess!!!

My Guess: She wears button up shoes, that happen to be red. She has bouncy brown shoulder length hair that, wears cute black rimmed glasses that hides her beautiful blue eyes. She has light colored skin and her clothing is sophisticated yet funky. An adorable yellow sweater paired with a cute multi-colored plaid skirt.

That's my guess and I'm sticking to it!

aspiring_x said...

seriously i have no clue, could be any look... i'm picturing Emily Browning though...

Francine said...


To tell the truth, I'm beat on this one I think.

Alice came to mind first (wonderland), then Miss Austen's Emma, and God knows why: Shirley Temple.

Anyhoo, she's blonde, blue-eyed, golden tresses, wears ALICE BAND and looks like Olivia Newton-John when starring in Grease.


Summer Ross said...

Educated early twenties. Light brown hair, light brown intelligent eyes. Slender.

Terry Stonecrop said...

Long, straight, brown hair. Light blue eyes. Tells herself she's sophisticated but has her own doubts.

The palace intrigued me. I'm wondering if she's a princess:)

Vicki Rocho said...

I am thinking Alice in Wonderland too. Funny. Picturing an updated Alice with long, blonde, straight as a pin hair. Big blue eyes. Tall, slender, high-fashion friendly. Button up shoes...with heels that she's going to regret before this is over. In fact, I see her being quite fashionable in the beginning and learning to ease up a bit by the end.

Sara B. Larson said...

I also thought of an updated Alice in wonderland. Except with brown hair. Ha ha, I don't know. This is fun though!

Susan Fields said...

She has light blonde hair, a little wavy and down to her shoulders. She has fair skin, blue eyes, and delicate features. She's small and thin, kind of wispy.

Diane J. said...

The button-up shoes make me think she's gone back in time. Prior to taking her time travel she was a powerful career woman. Beautiful, "Sophisticated", and a touch of sass.

Bethany Mattingly said...

I see a girl like Alice in Wonderland. I could also see someone who's like a "steampunk" genre and therefore not Alice like necessarily. She definitely intrigues me. I definitely see her in a dress and in darker, deeper colors.

Bethany Mattingly said...

Okay, I just skimmed through everyone else's comments and had to smile. I can't believe how many other people seemed to see the same thing I did :)

Brenda Drake said...

I have no idea where she got the button up shoes, but she uses the word awesome so I believe she's from our time. So, I'm going with Reece's character in Legally Blond before the legal. Only because she doesn't want to mess up her shoes.

This is an intriguing scene. Can't wait to find out how she looks tomorrow! :D

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Carolyn, you're so cute. I imagine her with black long hair, almond-shaped eyes and a fair complexion--almost Asian in appearance. :) I'm glad you're having fun!!