Monday, May 24, 2010

Unplugged and Dancing! Okay, I'm Really Revising

We break this scheduled blog post to broadcast an important announcement:

I am unplugging this week to finish my revisions. (Okay, so not that important, but if you don't see me around this week, you'll know why).

I'll miss you guys. Have a great week!

Note to self: Get back to work!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Be the Pretzel

*sitting in yoga pretzel pose* Take deep breaths and visualize. Good. Now think about your writing goals. Stop making that cringing face…you can totally do this. *falling out of my yoga pose and stomping away*

Okay, so I am really into goal making. I love setting goals, organizing goals, seeing goals through (Yeah, I’m a little OCD with that). But it has really helped my writing.

When I was a young teen, I read a book (I read lots of books, but this one was one of those “Goals and Their Destiny” books – or something like that). Anyways, it had all these steps to achieve your goals. I really can’t remember all of the steps, but there is one I remember and have used over and over.

Visualize. (Please read in breathy awe inspiring voice…thanks.)

To achieve your goal, you have to visualize yourself getting to the goal. Really. See yourself getting the goal in mind. (I know weird, right?)

Like my writing. I used to write on my couch (with my handful of chocolate chips and my cup of hot cocoa by my side…man I really do love that chocolate). But I wasn’t getting much writing done.

Then one day it hit me. If I had an agent and was writing full time, would I really be lounging on the couch, chomping on chocolate chips and painting my toenails (warning, please do not paint toes and write on laptops at the same time. It turns into a sticky mess).

NO. I always saw myself at my dining room table, sitting up straight with the sun shining through my front window as I typed my awesome stories (maybe with a pencil tucked behind my ear – for style).

But I wasn’t acting like that at all!

So the next day, I hooked my lappy up at my table and started writing. You won’t believe what happened! I typed twice the amount of words I had planned to. Yeah, I know, Sweet! And the best part…I was doing that amount of words everyday! (Plus I gave myself a deadline – like we will have when we have agents and publishers. Right? Right!) (Please remember there were always setbacks, but that made achieving the goal even better.)

I’m at the revising stage and have had to rework my goals (and working on those setbacks). But visualizing and tracking my progress has made all the difference. (Oh yeah! I so see some beta readers in my future.) I don’t know if this will always help me in my writing, but it has really helped my current wip. (I just hope it works next time, too!)

Now that you’ve heard what I do to help me reach my writing goals, what do you do? (Please say it doesn’t include eating chocolate, because I really need to cut back on that stuff…tomorrow. Hee hee hee. Maybe chocolate covered pretzels. Mmmm.)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Doing the Hard Things...continued

Some of you that know me know that I am trying to take up running. (I’ve been trying for about five years now. ;p) The problem is I don’t have the body of a runner, and I like to eat like a food critic or a gourmet chef (lots of real butter. Mmmmm, my fav).

When I first started running. It was hard! I mean...super nose bleeding hard for me! Plus I would sweat! Ew...Gross! I hate sweating. I got shin splints and the more I ran, the more stinky I'd get (Yuck! I am so not about the stink).

There were times I stopped because it was HARD!!! (I mean, what was I thinking? Running?)

Now, I'm at two miles at least three or four times a week AND I'm seeing results (okay, just a few). I'm not super skinny (um...please see food love above) and I still stink when I run (so stand back when you see me in sweats...really, this is not a joke). But I'm doing it (a little at a time).

I won't lie, it's still hard.

Elana J. mentioned this in her presentation a few weeks ago regarding writing the query. She said many times, “You can do the hard things.”

It was one of the best bits of information I had heard at this year’s conference. You can do the hard things, querying, finishing that first draft, revising for the umpteenth time, getting that critique back with uber stuff written in red (and then accepting it)…you can do the hard things.

It won’t be easy, you may want to quit from time to time. But all this will make you and your writing better. And you won’t even sweat while you do it. (Well, maybe a little, but you won’t be super stinky.)

So just remember…You CAN do the hard things! Woo hoo!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Poor, Poor Characters.

It's sad really.

Come check out our group site. I'll show you what I do to my characters. I feel sorry for them.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So Much Bloggy Love!

You guys rock! Thanks so much for the awards and the tags!

I have known Nichole Giles since my first conference, she is an amazing person and writer. She is very cool. She has given me the 10 Things that Make me Happy award. Thank Nichole!!!

Okay, so here are my ten things:
1. My hubby
2. My kiddos (when they aren’t fighting...oh, even when they are fighting. They're so cute.)
3. My bff
4. My bloggy bffs
5. My old smelly tennis-shoes (They are great for running!)
6. Chocolate (Um…that was a given!)
7. Awesome books
8. Crappy books that make me smile at awesome books
9. Playing in my garden (even when everything is dying)
10. Going home from the dentist with no cavities (I mean…can anything be better?)

Now I get to pass these on to 10 awesome people! I’m so excited. Here we go:

1. Candace from Candyland
2. Jaydee Morgan
3. Carrie Harris
4. Danyelle
5. Sherrie from Solvang Sherrie
6. Yamile
7. Jen Daiker from Unedited
8. Shannon O’Donnell
9. Becca Wilhite
10. Amparo Ortiz

If you haven’t been to these awesome ladies blogs, go check them out. They are all incredibly amazing.

The second award I received is from the ever awesome (and I don’t use that ever part lightly) Amparo Ortiz. I love her blog plus we have so much in common (she loves chocolate, ice cream and she watches Bones, too! She’s so cool!)

She has passed on the Blogger Buddy Award (which makes my heart happy) and I would love to pass it on to these lovely bloggy friends:

1. Creepy Query Girl
2. Jennifer Shirk
3. Jamie Burch
4. Sheri Larsen
5. Shelly Sly

Lastly (is that even a word? It sounds so strange), Candace of Candyland tagged me. Okay, she is incredibly cool (and when I say cool, I mean uber cool) so go check out her blog.

Question 1: Where were you 5 years ago?
- Deciding it was time to go back and finish my college degree. (I’m almost done.)
- Taking care of my little guy who was just a baby
- Trying to organize my kitchen
- Buying my first treadmill
- Writing mg stories about children with disabilities (I never showed them to anyone…and then I lost them.)

Question 2: Where would you like to be 5 years from now?
- Um…done with that stupid college degree thingy.
- Published and writing super wicked stories for YA everywhere.
- Eating lunch with all my blog buddies
- Have an organized kitchen
- Able to run 5 miles (that would be so cool!)

Question 3: What is (was) you to-do list today?
- Run that three miles (I only ran two, I ran out of time.)
- Get kids off to school.
- Blog.
- Revise.
- Pick up kids from school (I know, my life is an adventure...I tell ya!)

Question 4: What 5 Snacks do you enjoy.
-hee hee hee, I can’t stop laughing…Chocolate (need you ask?)
- 100 calorie snack bags (because I eat too much chocolate *looking down at floor with embarrassment)
-yogurt with frozen blueberries mixed in (it’s delish)
- frozen fruit
- Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. (Ummmm…skinny cows)

Question 5: What 5 thinks would you do if you were a billionaire?
- 1st I would totally buy a house for my parents. They are hard workers and I would love to help them out.
- Give some to charity
- Help out those who really needed some help to get back on their feet
- Get those college funds set up for my kids
- Not tell kids we had money and teach them how to work, so they won’t be spoiled.

There’s my five answers. =) That was harder than I thought! Here are the five people I’m tagging:

L.T. Elliot
Mary Campbell
Lola Sharp
Tess Hilmo

If you’ve already received these awards or have been tagged already…I’m still giving them to you. And if you didn't receive an award, you just wait! I wanted to add more people, but to be honest, my fingers and eyeballs hurt trying to get everyone's link on. But never fear! You guys are all super cool and you guys rock! =) Oh, and if the links are wrong, please let me know, because I hate that when that happens.

Have a great week guys!