Thursday, October 15, 2009

So here we go - My writing experience #1

I was very flattered to receive an email from an author who thought I should join a site that displayed the work of other artists. And by the way, thank you. =)

Being a college student, raising my cute kids, and keeping up with my blogging all while trying to write, has proven to be quite time consuming. So instead of posting on that site, I think I will post here on the blog, since…I already have my blog going and enjoy it. So for the next few weeks (or here and there – if I get my research papers for school done), I will answer some questions that have popped up along my way.

I will call it…So, here we go – my writing experience.

What made you decide to write?

I guess I am a strange duck when it comes to writing. Most of my writing buddies and people in my critique groups have known they wanted to write since they were young. (I mean real young - baby young – okay, maybe not that young).

In school, I never studied for English, it just always came easy to me. But I never thought anything of it, because I was going to be a mathematician or an actress, whichever thing panned out first.

The mathematician planned died out in the 9th grade when I failed Geometry. My teacher wasn’t that good of a teacher and there was this cute guy that sat in front of me. It totally distracted me.

The actress thing fizzled when I started my college years and realized there were some things I didn’t feel comfortable doing, even if I was acting. So that went out the window.

It wasn’t until I was reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyers that I thought, “Hey, I could totally do this!” I mean, not with vampires and twinkly skin or anything, but just write.

It’s true that I had started writing once in high school and then once when I was pregnant with my first baby, and then once….you get the picture.

So I this time took up the pen (or keyboard) and began seriously writing.

I went to conferences, joined a few critique groups, joined a league of writers (which always reminds me of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog for some reason), and snuck in some writing courses in college (which I totally passed with A’s! Whoop!)

Plus I really enjoy it. The best feeling is when you’ve written something that other people really like. (And when they laugh at all the funny parts - that’s the best!)

There is something inside of me that comes alive when I start to create a world on paper, something that keeps me writing and longing for more time to write.

I would love nothing more to make a living at this and feel like one day I will. *fingers and a couple of toes crossed*

So I guess that is why I started writing. Because I love it. =)


Susan R. Mills said...

You expressed my feelings exactly. But, like your crit buddies, I've always known I was meant to write. I majored in Accounting, though. It wasn't until recently that I decided to try and write seriously. I could never give it up now!

L.T. Elliot said...

I loved that you said writing makes you come alive. I've seen it in you and I'm overjoyed that you found it--no matter when it happened in your life.
I hope you know that it was your "birth" into writing that helped bring my writing back to life. I'll be in your debt forever.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I was a late bloomer writer too. I did dab at screen plays as a teenager, but never dreamed of being an author until my thirties hit me.

Carolyn V. said...

Susan, I think it is so cool that you majored in accounting. I took the first class years ago, and didn't do so hot. I'd better stick to writing.

L.T. You are and always will be my writing buddy. =) I'm still keeping our spots together when we go to those writing panels!

Eileen. I cannot tell you how glad I am not the only one! Sometimes I try to do that Jedi-mind trick on people and tell them I am still in my twenties, but it doesn't work.

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

(Sorry about the deleted thing. I had a spelling error, hehe) That was very intersting! Thanks for sharing :) There are very few things I feel that much passion for. I prefer the reading of such great writers :) So, Write On, I say!

Carolyn V. said...

Thanks Rachel! I hate spelling errors. I wish blogger had a spell check thingy on the comment board.

I think you are very passionate for your family, I think that is the most important thing of all. =)