Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cats, Superheroes and Boxes, oh my!

What should I be for Halloween? I have been pondering that all morning long.

When I was little, I was always a cat. I loved them and I had the costume available at any dress-up moment (a black leotard and kitty ears wrapped around a headband – ingenious).

Middle school was an awkward age, because you not only had to impress your peers, but you had to impress yourself (I don’t know who was harder to impress!). One year, I dressed up like a punk person (pink spiked hair, little glowing lights all over my costume – I can’t remember why we added the lights – but it was enlightening).

High school was completely different. Most people didn’t dress up, unless they had the exact “right” costume. Many times the boys would find their mother’s best Sunday dress and wig and go as the neighborhood PTA president (she was so spunky with those homemade cookies- you could have homemade cookies at school back then). The girls like put their hair walls up even higher and sprayed them all types of funky colors, add a few plastic bracelets and – Bam! 80s rock star. I’d just pull out those kitty ears and wear them with my normal clothes. You couldn’t go wrong that way. Especially if that way cute guy was walking down the hall, you could just slip those ears off and act like you were too, too cool for a Halloween costume.

Once college started, it was the thing to dress up again. But the hard part was being able to pay for the costume (poor college students, you know). I think that one year I dressed up as a box and the next year a potato farmer (I was going to school in Idaho, we had lots of potatoes in the fridge).

Now I am an adult with kiddos myself. I’ve been pondering what I should dress up like this year. A few years ago, I was a vampire, but those plastic vampire teeth made it hard to close my mouth and I drooled down my chin (plus I couldn’t enunciate my words and scared away some kids with the drool thing). So the vampire thing is out.

I love superheroes, so I think I may have to go as one I’ve made up, like Super Laundry Girl or The Amazing Cereal Pourer Woman. My superhero power would be pouring cereal on villains – topping them with a drizzle of milk. Just think - the cereal would solidify in a crunchy, stiff mold of cereal-ness. Nabbed ya supervillain! So cool.


Susan R. Mills said...

I love the Super Laundry Woman idea. I say go for it!

Carolyn V. said...

I'm doing it! I shall be laundry woman! I mean Super Laundry Woman! Beware stainers of the world.

L.T. Elliot said...

That's a mighty, mighty cereal mold! What a cool hero. I love the kitty ears thing (and the comment about being too cool to dress up. I remember that feeling!)

Shari said...

I wanted to steal your super laundry girl idea. It's awesome, except what if we ran into each other on Halloween at the trunk or treat or something. How embarrassing.

Carolyn V. said...

That would be a problem. I know, you could use soapy detergent of justice and I will use fabric softener of truth! How awesome would we be?