Saturday, September 19, 2009

Titles and The Books they Come From

I’ve been sitting her typing nothing for twenty minutes. So I got to thinking, does a title of a book mean that much to the content of a book? Possibly. I mean, what if:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was Chuck and his Culinary Assembly Plan, or even better… Chocolate and the Charlie Factory

The Twilight Saga was changed to The Very Sparkly Vegetarian Vampire Series

The Lord of the Rings was Circular Metal Devices of Theocrats and the Short Men who Love Them

A Christmas Carol was changed to Scary Christmas Stories for the Whole Family (ooooh, that sounds so scary)

The Lost Symbol was changed to The Lost Contact on Floor (That’s the most terrifying title of all! No I don’t wear contacts, but have had friends freak out at the store before. I still shiver at the thought.)

I guess that is why titles can change before they are published. That way the reader will (hopefully) be caught by the title of a book and pluck it off the shelf to take home. I mean, would you really want to read The Little Boy with Some Lightening Scar on His Head? Just not as catchy as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. that I read it again....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Choices, Kernals of Corn, and Slowing Down

So…everything is based on choices. That is good… and bad…and sometimes not so pretty.

I’ve made some pretty stupid choices in my life. Like that one time I tried to beat the bus home from school. A sharp corner was coming up and I ended up face down with my knee (leg, ankle) covered in blood. I still have the scars on my knee to prove it.

Or that one time I got a kernel of corn in my eye (a whole kernel of corn…and let me tell you! It hurt!) I tried to get it out with my shirt instead or taking the time to take off my gloves and get it out with my finger. Yeah, I flashed everybody there. It’s a running joke now. I don’t have corn at family functions anymore. It’s way too embarrassing.

Or even last week when I sat by Jesus on the trax train (it was late and he kept yelling, “I’m Jesus….You know what I mean?” – actually he sat behind me, throwing up his hands as he yelled…and he smelled funny, like my brother’s friend Rob - so ….maybe I can’t take credit for that one).

I find myself faced with many decisions through the day: should I do a load of laundry today or twelve loads on Saturday? (I have this love/hate thing for laundry. I love it when it's done. I hate it when it's not. ) Should I spend my free time studying or writing? And what about blogging, should I tweet or blog? Arrgh *fists up in the air, my teeth grinding* There are so many choices!

But some choices are easy to make.

My daughter has had a rough year. Last night I got an email from her teacher with some concerns. As I lay in bed thinking (it was a long night. Note to self - never read emails from school teachers right before bedtime), I realized some of my wants would have to be put aside for something better. Instead of finishing my book in three months and querying my gay-not-gay agent (there is another hilarious story there, but I’ll save it for another post), I may have to slow down. All things in good time. Right?

I do love writing. I love the feeling of creating something. But, I love my daughter more. This choice is just too easy.