Friday, July 24, 2009

This is Scary

Well, after much thought, I've decided to start my own blog. I've been in a blog with a group of awesome writers, but they all have their own blogs, so I's the time.

I write much differently than I really am. I'm not funny at all, I'm really quiet, and I worry (ask my kids, they agree).

Is anyone going to read my blog, is anyone going to follow, am I going to offend everyone? (see all the worrying here? I'm a worrier.)

As writers, we are supposed to have very thick skins, but unfortunately, I was born with a thin skin and take things to heart much too often (but I hold it inside so nobody can see it).

Right now in my life, I am very busy. I'm going to school (I'm the oldest in my classes and feel a little ...well...not smart.) I would really like to hold my degree in my hand and say, "I's smarts now. See?" *waving degree in hand, as I scratch my messy hair* I'll have six more classes after summer term is over (will it ever end????).

I would love to be a published author some day. I've got a couple of jokes being published in Member's Mirth, thanks to my friend Nichole Giles (Nichole, tell me if that titles wrong), and next year I have a small story being published in Tender Mercies by Judy Olsen, about how found out about our oldest son's autism. Although I'm going to be in those books, I would love to have my very own book out with my very own name on the title. That would be so sweet!

I write YA, because that is my voice and I love it. I'm working on a story now that is being well received by other writers and friends. That has been the best part of this whole writing journey-having people like what I'm creating (plus it gives me a little validation for spending all those hours on my lappy - love ya lappy).

I'm usually a very private person. If I read one of your posts that touch or inspire me, I will only leave a short message, because there are no words to describe the feelings I want to share. So, if you've gotten a short message from me, it's because I loved your post (oh, or writing a research paper...they take so much time!).

So, anyways, that's me. I hope you don't mind me sharing, after all, I thought you should get to know me a little. Thanks! Can't wait to start this.

Oh, plus I love chocolate. But most of you probably already know that. hee hee hee